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Contributions to Legislators Questioned


Dear Editor:

I wrote a letter to my State Representative (Senator) and asked if there wasn’t a safer way to frack wells after reading it could be done with super-heated water with no chemicals, but it cost more to do it this way. I have not received a reply.

I think it’s time we asked our state legislators “did you take money from the gas companies and how much?” It should be published.

Secondly, “why did the gas company give you money?”

Thirdly, “if they gave you money to get elected or re-elected, why did they want you elected?”

I think these are fair questions.

How many more tainted wells, accidents, bad roads and all the rest of it before we say, “enough?” If our representatives don’t want to represent us, it’s time to tell them to go to work for the gas company, and we will hire representatives to look out for our interests.

I say that it’s not too late to save our beloved state.

George Hettiger

Forest Lake


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