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Country Music Thrives (In Texas)


Dear Editor,

In response to the Nov. 17, 2011 “Rick’s Report,” I want to affirm his assertion that “..there are plenty of other music lovers who would like to ‘keep country country.’” There is indeed a following of traditional country music, but it is hard to find on today’s radio dial. I’m fortunate to live in southcentral Pennsylvania where an AM station in Carlisle can be heard playing the classics. Granted it is only daylight AM, but they broadcast using a music network service, which must mean there are enough stations to support such a service. The growing Carlisle station has also purchased a couple FM stations and programmed them likewise, but they are outside of my listening area.

One Sunday afternoon, I wandered into a bar/restaurant in downtown Forth Worth, TX while in the area on business. It happened to be the gathering of the local songwriters association where writers showcased their newest tunes on a barn board stage and not more than a couple instruments behind them. I can attest that traditional country and western music was alive and well in that crowded venue.

Personally, I find myself thoroughly enjoying my SiriusXM satellite radio subscriptions where there is both a traditional country channel (Willie’s Roadhouse) as well as a southern gospel channel (Enlighten). I feel a bit guilty I’m not supporting the high profile local stations and their advertisers, but, then again, they are the ones who have chosen to become just another modern rock outlet regardless of what it is labeled.

So, take heart. There are more of us out there.

P.S. I'm not a senior citizen, but I do remember where the record rack was in the Grants store.

D. Mark Robinson


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