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Couple Thankful For Generous Act

Dear Editor:

Yesterday we watched the forecast for rain and flooding coming our way. We are a retired couple; my husband is 83 years old and we had a serious problem. Our house has a fairly flat roof, we had two feet of snow on it, our back door would not open because of the weight on the roof, and if we got the rain they were calling for we would be in serious trouble. Probably our roof might collapse.

So, we called Don Fitzwater, our neighbor, at 7:30 a.m. in the morning and asked if he could help. At 8 a.m. he showed up with four other men to help. By 10 a.m. they had the roof cleared off. They would not take any money, just a "thank you" was enough.

This is what Don Fitzwater is, always willing to give a helping hand. Bradford County is so lucky to have someone like him running for County Commissioner. We just thought you should know.

Helen Spencer


(Editor's Note: Don Fitzwater withdrew his candidacy for County Commissioner this week).

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