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Don't Raise Ethanol Percentage in Gas

Dear Editor:

Are you kidding? Folks, a new government boondoggle is about to be foisted upon us. EPA has already approved 15 percent ethanol in gasoline. This does not make any sense whatsoever based on the following:

1. More wheat ground will be converted to corn.

2. There is already a shortage of grain for food.

3. Food prices are rising rapidly.

4. Big agri-business farms are being subsidized by us to grow the corn.

5. Gasoline containing ethanol reduces gas mileage.

6. All gas stations will be required to put in separate tanks and pumps because the new gas can't be burned in older cars.

7. The new pumps will need to be nickel plated as well as the nozzles.

8. A spill or tank leak will cause more environmental harm because of the ethanol.

Based on these facts, every one of us, including all you "greenies," need to contact your senators and congressmen to ask that this potential boondoggle be stopped.

Francis Flynn


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