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Double Standards At Domestic Relations?


Dear Editor:

Since the year 2000, my husband has had an open case with Domestic Relations, however, he is the minority: he is supposed to receive child support from the child’s mother.

In the year 2000 it was decided that since the child was with my husband more, the mother was to pay $35 a week. At this time the child was two years old. Since that time the mother has petitioned relentlessly to have her support lowered or dropped. Since the original order was issued, my husband has not petitioned once to increase support. The child in question is now thirteen years old, involved in sports and has other interests, which we gladly support.

Throughout the last 11 years, this woman has been able to get away with being in arrears more times than I can count, missed numerous court dates, and basically thumbed her nose at the Bradford County Domestic Relations Office and the Bradford County Court System. This fact appalls me. If the shoe were on the other foot, I know my husband would have been back in there time and time again to have support raised and never once would he have dodged his responsibility.

I feel that the Domestic Relations Department is nothing more than a bad joke, and they have enabled this mother to be a deadbeat. She is currently in arrears for over $5,000 and their latest decision, knowing this information and all the past history of not wanting to work and being fired for theft from a retail store, all situations the mother created herself, Domestic Relations LOWERS her support to $50 a month.

I know several cases where “Deadbeat Dads” would never have been allowed to get this far, they were sent to jail. Personally I don’t care what this woman does with her life, but it’s the principle of the matter and the double standards that exist. I hope that something will be done about this, but I don’t think there will be and that is the saddest part of all. Somewhere along the line, Domestic Relations let this child fall through the cracks, and her father is the only one fighting for her rights.

Jenny L. Ennis


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