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Epilepsy Fundraiser Attracts Supporters


Dear Editor,

A big thank you to the community for supporting the Danny Did Foundation in a recent fundraiser. Shabby Shek and I coordinated a buzz cut day for this very little known organization and many people responded. With simple five dollar donations (for a buzz cut or trim), we were able to raise $560.00 for the Foundation.

Danny Did’s mission is to prevent deaths caused by seizures. I stumbled upon this organization while struggling with my own son’s seizures. The idea of putting a six year old on medicine to mask a problem without searching for the source of the problem was absurd to me. The doctors kept pushing prescriptions on us. It was hard to resist when my husband and I, after 14 weeks of seizures, were at wit’s end. Just as I was about to request the neurologist to issue a prescription, a friend of mine handed me the article about Danny Did, an organization, started by four-year-old Danny Stanton’s family, after he passed away from a seizure.

Danny was on medication. I called to learn more about their organization and they offered to help us get a sleep monitor. At this point, until we returned from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, I don’t think we need a monitor, but I did appreciate the offer. The organization’s mission moved me to plan the Buzz Cut event, which they held in Chicago and other locations through out the U.S. on the same day.

Thank you to Christine Robinson of Shabby Shek for giving us a great location to hold the event. Thank you, Pat Ward, long-time local magician and clown from Harveys Lake, for your surprise performance and balloon animals for the kids. Thank you to Kevin Robinson and students from Robinson Martial Arts for their support of the event, to Rick and Lisa Lochen for their help, the Kindred Lycan’s Motorcycle Club for coming out, Phil’s Auto Body, Sears-Wysox, Twig’s Restaurant, many local families, our babysitter CJ, Pastor John Shaffer, Walmart Truck Drivers, and folks that came from as far away as Berwick. Thank you to the Freeze for giving us ice-cream coupons for the first 50 kids. And a big thank you to the Rocket-Courier and Rick Hiduk for knowing the importance of this issue and daring to make our little fundraiser a big story. We are humbled by the turnout of friends, old and new, who helped make this a successful event.

Not only was it great to raise a good amount of money for the Danny Did Foundation, it was great to get people to talk about epilepsy. Thank you to those who have shared your stories and those who have reached out for support.

To learn more about the Danny Did Foundation, you can go on line to www.dannydid.org.


Nikki Stone


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