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Even Olympic Games Seem to Sell Sex


I watched part of the Olympics women's volleyball on TV the other day. Now, please don't think me a prude, but I do think they have overstepped the boundaries of decency and good taste. What kind of people are designing these uniforms? Did they get their idea from Hugh Hefner? Or some designer on a private beach on the French Riviera? In any case, it appears, at least to me, that they are using sex to promote volleyball.

I don't know how others feel about the subject, but I would hate to see American children wearing such scant garments such as I've seen worn by Olympic contestants. It seems as though someone should be responsible; the individual with Olympic Committee approval? Who?

As with the Olympic Committee's lack of good taste or refinement, I also find that the major clothing stores are selling clothing that is essentially too revealing for young school female students to wear and still look presentable. As with this disgusting thing they call a thong, which to me looks unsanitary and unwholesome for a decent woman to wear, it has also made many an alluring young lady look like a sumo wrestler, particularly when they are walking away from you and oblivious to the real facts, (the view from behind).

Add to all this that some nationally prominent figures, one a former United States Senator and his wife, presently a United Sates Senator, both selling Viagra along with other sports figures. I just can't find style or any class in all this.

I also wonder if all these sex-enhancing ads that you see on TV bear any relationship to the many reported rapes, and if these substances are safe in the hands of sex abusers. It might be interesting to note if the accused had taken any of these drugs prior to committing his or her offense. Is it, in fact, possible that these drugs could encourage an attack to occur? It would be interesting to know if the FDA spent as much time studying these drugs as they do on proposed cancer relieving drugs, which seem to take forever to reach the public. Many people with terminal illnesses and some afflicted with glaucoma have found relief in the use of marijuana. Yet our federal and state governments are reluctant to grant these people this relief.

It's past time we stopped using many of the wrong people as role models when we have plenty of people to admire right here in Wyalusing. I refer to our volunteer fire department, Boy and Girl Scout leaders and the many coaches who don't give of their time; they give of themselves.

In turning a deaf ear, wearing blinders, as some will do, by saying "it's a sign of the times" or words to that effect, they take part in the debasement of our children and grandchildren. It's time we set higher goals for them, particularly in the area of literary skills and American history.

Marty Meehan


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