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Excessive Speeding on Rt. 706 Between Wyalusing and Camptown




I live in Merryall, which is 3.5 miles from Wyalusing and 1.5 from Camptown. In the Camptown area we have an elementary school where the traffic speed is posted at 55 miles per hour.

Traffic has quadrupled and the speeds are as high as 70 mph. In Merryall, where I live, is a very dangerous curve. Large trucks from the gas industry and fast large pickup trucks speed along this road, day and night.

In the night hours, all I hear is jake brakes “engines braking brakes.” This noise is uncalled for.

We must stop this speeding now. Deer on this stretch are being slaughtered. I can’t safely go to my barn, feed the animals or have my dog enjoy freedom without a leash. We, who live here, have lost the quality of life known as farmland peace and quiet.

Please write an editorial to wake up our governing public servants. Now the animals are being killed, next it will be our children, you or I.

Thank you.


George Galka


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