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Extolling Virtues Of Leadership



Dear Editor:

For some time I’ve struggled to understand the current concept of leadership. Is it defined by self-promotion, egomania and intractability?

News coverage of leader hopefuls seems to say “Yes.” Or is it possible to find leaders who are identified by their intelligence, prudence and statesmanship? Events of the last few days, nationally, and the last few years, locally, give me hope.

President Obama, when announcing Bin Laden’s death, epitomized an intelligent, statesmanlike leader managing the nation’s affairs. How ironic that the announcement came on the heels of the birth certificate silliness.

Reading a local paper’s editorials of May 1st and May 2nd also gives me hope. The editorials address the concept of leadership when referring to Bradford County Commission chairman Mark Smith. His leadership is described variously as “superb,” “insightful,” “effective.” He and fellow commissioners, Doug McLinko and John Sullivan have managed to work together to implement efficiencies that save money and deliver services. That three people with differing ideologies can be so productive is, in my opinion, a testament to Mark Smith’s leadership.


Mary Beth Voda




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