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Family Appreciates Help After Fire


Dear Editor:

What a wonderful community of caring, wonderful people that we live in. I cannot stress that statement enough. You see, my son, Erik and April Brewer and their five children lost everything in a raging fire several weeks ago. Brandon, 14, got out without a shirt and Ethan, 6, without shoes. The animals, a bloodhound, two cats and a turtle were saved, but an aquarium of fish perished. They lost everything, but their lives were saved; no one was hurt. That was on a Friday about 5 p.m. By Saturday morning, the phone at our house was ringing with people inquiring as to what they could do to help. Some people did not even really know the family but wanted to help. People began coming and bringing clothing, shoes, toys, money and food. I just was awed. By Saturday afternoon, Ethan had a bag of shoes as well as baseball spikes, glove, hat and toys. The boys all had a backpack. The children were given several bags of toys and stuffed animals so each had something to play with. There was even an aquarium to start a new family of guppies. The clothing that came in had tags on them, they were new. These wonderful people went out and bought this family new clothing when they have their own families to feed and clothe. By Saturday evening, the family had money, clothing and toys for the children.

Sunday was a new day and when we exited church, we found a cake, cookies and pasta in our car. In addition, our church family donated the proceeds of a soft pretzel sale to the family. More money and clothing came in from organizations, churches and individuals.

The rest of the week was no different. People offered help, whatever the family might need. Now several weeks later, I am happy to say that they are doing okay. They are in a rented home and have replaced some of the items that were lost. Their home will be rebuilt in the next six to eight months and then they will be back to a normal life in a new home.

Fire is tragedy. They lost everything they had acquired. The impact was dramatic and extremely stressful. The good thing that came out of it was that this community came together to help a family in need. These wonderful, caring people wanted to help. The family really needed the help and support and they were not let down. People have been wonderful, giving and caring. It is impossible to send thank you notes to all who helped, but on behalf of our family, we wish to thank everyone for each and every little thing done for us. You folks have been wonderful and it really helped to make the best of a bad situation, just to know you were there and cared and wanted to help. We cannot begin to put into words how much you have all meant to us, and we are so thankful for your support.

Thank you.


Teresa Brewer



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