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Family Disputes Police Report


Dear Editor:

I want people to know the truth of what happened on June 12. Not everything that was reported was accurate. There were things in the article that did not happen. Although the officers may have felt threatened, they were not being threatened. They knew that, too.

The “seven” people that supposedly showed up were actually “four” relatives that were concerned for their children’s safety. One of the innocent bystanders was almost tasered for showing concern for their child.

The recording of the happenings was grabbed out of the person’s hands by one of the officers and taken into custody. The recording will show the truth if it is not “accidentally misplaced.”

There is also a case of mistaken identity, which has not been released to the media. The main subject who initiated all of this brawl did not even reside at the residence, he was only an acquaintance. He was the main cause of all of it. If not for this person and his actions, none of this would have happened.

The officers, although they may have felt threatened, should have gotten to the truth before acting so aggressively toward people who were there and witnessed everything.

I just want people to understand we are not horrible people like it is reported, but some of the happenings that happened that day made us the victims of unjust abuse of power.

Lori Thetga



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