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Fighting for Space At Gas Pumps


Dear Editor:

When you go to a gas station, the purpose is you need gasoline. Well, that is what I thought one Friday afternoon as I pulled in with my pickup to get gas at the Camptown Dandy Mini Mart.

As I approached the pumps the closest to the creek, here sat two big water tankers. So, I then pulled around to the other side. This guy approached me and blocked me from getting to the pumps; this guy had appeared to work for the gas industry with the initials RCS on his shirt.

As the guy stopped me, I obviously thought that something was wrong. That was not the case, he then said to me “do you see this guy over here in this truck?” I looked up and there sat the water truck. The guy continued on saying that “he has been waiting a very long time to get fueled up.” I drove away without fighting with him. I stopped at another station where I did not get turned away.

The point of all of this is, I have just as much right to the pumps as he does. When his name goes on the pump, he can have it. If these large gas companies would just get their very own fueling stations for these big water tankers, they would not be in our way and I would not be in theirs.

Bad enough they’re constantly on the highway and we have to have patience with them, but when you go to a gas station and expect to get gasoline yourself and you get turned away because the water tanker guy has a special privilege. “I’m sorry big guy, you’re no different then I am waiting for gas.” This is how I end this letter: “Wait in line, because I’ll have the gas pump next time.”

Bonny Sutton

Herrick Twp.




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