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Former Co-worker Lauds Vaughn


Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my support for Sally Fairchild Vaughn in her bid for re-election as Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts.

I was afforded the opportunity to work with and for Sally as her Chief Deputy Clerk of Courts during her previous seven years in office and have seen many positive changes during that time. The appearance of the office has changed dramatically with the rearranging of work space and installation of new counters to open up work space for the many researchers that utilize the office on a daily basis. The counters are much more user-friendly, and additional computers have been added for record retrieval. This was done without cost to the taxpayers.

Sally has been instrumental in implementing new technology to the office. Along with starting up the new Statewide Common Pleas Court Management System that currently holds all Criminal Records and puts a wealth of information at the public’s fingertips, she also implemented a scanning system that electronically scans all documents that are filed and also makes them available at the public terminals in the office. This has freed up both manpower and space.

The third biggest change that I saw was the accountability for financial management of the revenues that come through that office. During my time spent as her Chief Deputy, I can  honestly say that all financial reporting and accounting was proved to the penny each and every month.

The future of this office holds additional challenges. There is an urgent need for a new civil records management system. The office is currently operating on an antiquated system that is 25 years old. The parts for this system are either scarce or will not be available if it breaks down. Whatever system the future holds, it will have to be compatible with other operating systems within the office as well as designed to make records available on line with the ability to redact information from current records that cannot be made public. The office will become a state-supervised office in the near future and also brings with it a new set of challenges. I feel both of these challenges will be better achieved by someone who has both experience and working knowledge of that office.

I sincerely hope the voters will continue to support Sally in her re-election campaign.


Peg Leon

Former Chief Deputy

Clerk of Courts

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