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Fresh Leadership Desired


Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to the letter from Jean Joyce in last week’s paper in which she would have the reader go back to the election of 2003 for some bizarre reason. Now her memory must be really fuzzy after eight years as she rambles on about some political conspiracy back then. I clearly remember the Bradford County Republican Party running ads promoting their team of candidates that included Nancy Schrader, but did not include Janet Lewis, a Democrat. In fact, I don’t remember any time in recent politics that candidates of opposing parties have run together as a team and certainly not in 2003, the year you reference.

I also think that Ms. Joyce has had a memory lapse when she mentions the county property tax increase that occurred right after Doug McLinko, a member of the Republican team, took office in 2004. It was the newly elected Commissioner McLinko who voted “Yes” to adopt the budget with the tax increase and Janet Lewis did in fact vote “No.” Ironically, Commissioner McLinko had not paid his own property taxes at the very time he voted to drastically raise mine and has allowed this practice to continue throughout his years in office, even though he is drawing a large salary at taxpayer expense. Did you forget this fact in your stroll down memory lane, Ms. Joyce?

You are right, Ms. Joyce, I would hate to see history repeat itself. We, as Bradford County citizens, cannot afford another tax increase of the multitude of 2004. It’s time for a change in the courthouse, time for fresh leadership that will walk the talk and successfully guide this county through the next four years of complex issues and concerns. Sharon Lowery is a refreshing change from the status quo of sound bite politicians we have seen these last few years and definitely my choice for Commissioner. She has a proven record of making tough decisions and balancing tight budgets and will bring a renewed focus on this county’s future with her election. If you want a good campaign slogan for a bumper sticker, Ms. Joyce, I suggest it should read, “If you’re tired of politics as usual and want a new direction for this county, you’ll love Sharon.”

Yvonne Kilmer

Sayre, PA 18840



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