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Frustrated By Trucker Trash

Frustrated By Trucker Trash Dear Editor: I think it’s about time for the natural gas companies to give all their truck drivers a day off from work and make them pick up all the trash that they have thrown along the roads. Even in people’s lawns and in the cemeteries. Go up Route 187 toward Wysox and look at all of it. Also, along Route 6. I think Cabot, Chesapeake and Range Resources should all be ashamed of what their drivers are doing. Maybe we should all pick it up out of our yards and take it to their offices and dump it and then make them take care of it. They are supposed to be Environmental Friendly, well, I think not. And please don’t tell me they don’t drink while driving those trucks. I’ve picked up too many beer cans in my yard. It’s not beautiful in Bradford County any more. C. Adams Wyalusing

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