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'Gas Boom' Seen As Boon to Area

Dear Editor:

It is time for the people of our area to speak up and let it be known that the overwhelming majority of the citizens in Susquehanna and Bradford County are not opposed to the "gas boom" and the drilling going on in our area.

We are constantly bombarded with anti-drilling rhetoric full of misinformation and absolute lies. Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes, for example, called Dimock a ghost town due to wells polluted by hydro-fracking. I don't think there is an empty house in all of Dimock Township. We constantly hear how the hydrofracking is poisoning our water but there is not a single instance, that I know of, where fracking fluid has gotten into anybody's well water from the fracking of a well. You hear those opposed to drilling complain about truck traffic on our roads but the gas companies are rebuilding our roads at no cost to the taxpayer, and to a quality that PennDOT has never even dreamed of.

Our country is an economic mess worse than most of us have ever seen in our lifetime, and it isn't because we have too many trucks on our roads. It isn't because we don't spend enough on education. It isn't because we don't have enough government oversight. It isn't because we don't pay enough taxes. On the contrary, it's because the government has overstepped its bounds. It hampers prosperity at every turn. If you drove through Dimock, including Carter Road, you would have noticed signs on more than half the lawns opposed to the water line John Hanger of DEP fame tried to cram down our throats before we knew what he was up to.

Even our ex-congressman, Chris Carney had a "no water pipeline" sign on his lawn and many of these signs are still displayed on lawns even though we stopped Hanger and his underhanded attempt at forcing an ill-planned and impractical water pipeline from Lake Montrose to Dimock. I live in the middle of Cabot's area of operation and know from personal experience that Cabot is welcomed by most of the residents here. They have been great neighbors. They have been friendly, courteous and are a tremendous boost to our local economy. It's as if we have a front row seat on the greatest economic boom our area has ever seen and at a time when most of the state and country is going down the tubes financially.

The majority of the people in this area are tickled pink to have this opportunity. The benefit of people and for our future generations is tremendous in spite of what you hear from a very vocal minority, many who are not even from our area but have recently moved here from New Jersey or New York. I've also found that many of the so-called environmentalists that are so concerned about our water, air and forests would not be able to tell the difference between a maple tree and a hemlock, yet they are suddenly experts on all things environmental.

Enough already. Let's take advantage of this great opportunity God has granted us and let's support the gas and oil companies as they work to extract this much needed and abundant resource.

Kevin R. Johnson


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