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Gas Workers’ Etiquette Questioned

Dear Editor: Who do these gas companies think they are? Today, I was leaving for work, when one of these gas company trucks almost hit us as we are turning onto Main Street in Rome. My husband and I were just about to turn when one of the gas trucks drives up and makes a turn onto the road that we are on. He leaves no room for us to go forward, just backwards...so my husband backs up, but the truck does not stop, he keeps coming forward. He seems to not to care that we are desperately trying not to get hit or worse. My husband keeps backing up, but the guy keeps coming. Finally, as to not to get hit or worse, my husband moves forward into this rock garden that is located at this house on the corner. With inches to spare, it works, but the guy never stopped to see if we were all right. We were not happy with the situation at all and I had wished at the time, that I had gotten the name of the gas company, but I was preoccupied with not getting hit or worse. I do remember that this truck looked like one of the water trucks but had three humps to the back. Something needs to be done and done now. They need to know that there are people who have lived here for years and have the right a way. They had just gotten here and see what the damage that they have wrought! They have contaminated the water, the roads are a mess and that is an understatement, we have problems getting places with all the traffic now and there seems to be more accidents. And the roads. When are they going to do what they said they would and fix these roads for good? They drive on the roads that we drove on for years without problems and now with these gas trucks here, the roads are so bad, that is very hard to drive anywhere without encountering problems. All I can say, something needs to be done before someone is actually killed. A Concerned Citizen, Stephanie Grohol

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