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Grinch Steals Evergreen

Dear Editor:

On Monday, Dec. 5 at 5 p.m., we arrived home and collected our mail from our mailbox. Tuesday, when my grandson walked down our 321-foot driveway to wait for the school bus, our 10- to 12-foot Green Spruce was gone, sawed off right above the last bough. We live on Wyalusing-New Albany Road, aka SR2010. It is a busy, well-traveled road. Yet some low-life had the unmitigated gall to enter our driveway and steal our tree, obviously to use as a Christmas tree in their home.

Aren’t you slick, you have gotten a free Christmas  tree. Did you go home and brag to your wife and children you stole a Christmas tree? You plan to put your gifts under the tree you stole from our driveway. And you plan to celebrate the birth of Jesus with a stolen Christmas tree.

Whoever you may be, you should be ashamed of yourself, but you probably do not have the intelligence to realize you have stolen a tree from the yard of a 100 percent disabled Vietnam combat veteran. Merry Christmas.

Robin Lutz

New Albany

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