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Helwig Fan Speaks Out


Dear Editor:

Jeff Helwig, Republican candidate for Wyoming County sheriff, has new, interesting and refreshing ideas to bring to that office, and he has the energy and the desire to put them into action.

He proposes to save tax money by providing police protection to townships without police forces. With new businesses and industries coming into the county, there will be a greater need for police protection, and local township budgets could use this help. He would put prisoners to work, and this would benefit the community as well as the work ethic of the prisoners.

He realizes the enormous problems in our county involving drug use and he would work in various ways to eliminate these problems. This, in turn, would cut down on drug-related crime and violence and would improve the mental and physical health of our kids and their families. Jeff has the background, ambition and dedication to be a good sheriff for Wyoming County.

He deserves your vote on May 17.

Very truly yours,

Gretchen Shoemaker



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