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History Repeating Itself?


Dear Editor:

Tonight as I drove down to Watchung, NJ from Towanda, I listened to an audio book about our U.S. History on two cassette tapes. Back in 1932, toward the end of President Hoover’s term, destitute WWI veterans were begging in Washington, DC for their upcoming bonus for their service to this nation ahead of time.

President Hoover was holding lavish and decadent dinners and parties while the masses were hungry. Now, in the aftermath of Obama’s lavish vacations and parties, we have the disenfranchised holding “Occupy Wall Street” protests in cities all over the United States. And, as was the case in the 1932 Bonus March, today’s protesters are facing the same horses, weapons and armed police and are getting hurt and arrested.

I wonder if I’m the only one who sees the bad taste that the Obamas display when they flaunt their good fortune on TV to the masses. I know, “let them eat cake.”


Joseph Dupont


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