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In Favor of Gas Industry


Dear Editor:

Is it any wonder that the gas companies have grown silent on the drilling-related stories that your paper has been pursuing. I have yet to see a positive report on these companies or the industry as a whole since I returned to this region at the beginning of this year.

I was born and raised in this area and returned recently after twenty-five years and found employment with a gas industry service company. It’s a good job with a fair wage and good benefits, just the type of job, which never existed in this area until recently. These jobs are needed in the area and benefit more people then just those in the gas industry. Why not report on all the area businesses, which benefit from this industry?

Restaurants, hotels and motels, landlords (who by the way have made finding affordable housing nearly impossible due to their utter greed) car and truck dealers, hardware stores, heavy equipment rentals and dealerships, and trucking companies all have in one way or another benefited from the increased business from the gas industry.

Yes, some wells have been affected, but from personal experience within my own family, Chesapeake bent over backwards to correct the problem. It did include water buffalos and bottled water, but it also included a high-tech filtration system, resodding of the lawn and repaving of the driveway along with a new sidewalk leading from the garage to the house.

Could it be that those complaining aren’t satisfied with being made whole and their problems resolved fairly? Could it be that those people are much more interested in monetary gain than being made whole again?

As far as land values dropping, there recently was an offer of one million for the farm, this hardly sounds “worthless” to me.

Everyone complains about rising costs of heating their homes and America’s dependence on foreign sources for our energy needs. Yet, here we are with the opportunity to provide our country with the resources we so desperately need and all I hear is this “Not In My Back Yard” mentality.

Is everyone so accustomed to being poor? Doesn’t anyone want to see a future where our children don’t leave the area in droves because their economic future here is dismal at best? I can’t believe that I’m the only one who feels this way. It’s time for those who see this as a blessing to stand up and make your voices heard before the ambulance chasers and the nay-sayers and those still stuck in the past spoil the future that could be ours and our children’s. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, if anyone feels as I do, it’s time to get loud and it’s time to be heard and it’s time for this paper to report fairly both sides of this issue.

Mark D. Jackson



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