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In Praise of Dr. Cama

Dear Editor:

I have spent the better part of my adult lifetime serving as a volunteer with Little League baseball. Not too long ago there was never a problem getting people to volunteer as managers, coaches, umpires and whatever else was needed. Then as society changed, so did Little League. First, a volunteer application had to be filled out and now it has gotten to the point where background checks have to be done on all volunteers. The times we are living in have people scared to volunteer as innuendoes and accusations—whether true or false—can be made and lives ruined by the court of public opinion.

That brings me to the main reason for this letter. Accusations have been made against Dr. Joseph Cama, who is a gentleman that is not only my personal physician, but also a friend. As my personal physician, I never expected to owe my life to him, but in fact I do.

On the morning of March 1, 2003 I suffered what turned out to be a massive heart attack. By the grace of our Lord, Dr. Cama was in the emergency room working third shift that day. From the time the emergency crews left the hospital until I was transported from home to the emergency room, Dr. Cama was in constant touch with them.

Dr. Cama handled the situation in a professional manner that goes above and beyond the norm. He did everything he could to get me stabilized and when nothing appeared to be working, he was not afraid to pick up the phone and call the head of cardiology at the Robert Packer Hospital. It would have been very easy to keep trying different treatments in an attempt to stabilize my condition, but instead he knew when to call in help.

At the time, little did I realize that if it was not for his quick actions and a helicopter ride to Sayre, I wouldn't be here to write this letter. While all this was going on, Dr. Cama took the time to keep my wife informed of all that was happening. Here again it would have been easy to let her sit in the waiting room and worry and wonder, but he made it his business to comfort her and at the same time keep her emotions under control.

Months later when the initial shock and treatments of the episode were over, he took the time to talk to both my wife and me on what had happened, why it happened and what we would do to keep it from happening again. He also took the time to tell my wife that he was available for us 24/7, all she had to do was call.

We, the people of this area, owe a lot to Dr. Cama. We are extremely fortunate to have him practicing medicine in our community for he gives us all he has as a doctor and as a friend. With Dr. Cama we are not just a file, but each of us is a person and his patient, and he will do whatever it takes to look after us because he cares. Personally, I consider it an honor to have him as my physician and my friend, and if there ever is a time he needs me, I will be proud to stand beside him.

In closing, let me say thanks for all you have done, Doc, and remember, you have many people in this community that feel the same as I do.

William H. Serfass, Jr.


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