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Kerry Critic Sees Treason in His Past


Watching John Kerry's accep-tance speech on television, I came to the conclusion that it was the most fundamentally dishonest act that I had ever witnessed.

The basic assumption of his speech was that the majority of the American people would not know about his actions after returning early form Vietnam or the fact that he had voted against every defense measure and weapons system that we now depend on in our war against terrorism.

However, the most sickening factor to me was that he cloaked himself in a false mantle of patriot-ism and lover for our flag. This is the same flag that his protesters burned on numerous occasions and that he has voted every time not to protect by an amendment.

I served in a recon platoon and three infantry rifle companies dur-ing three tours in Vietnam. We neither committed or observed any of the atrocities that Kerry testified under oath before Congress were the norm among American troops. In 1971, I was wounded for a seventh time.

In 1971, John Kerry was work-ing with Jane Fonda, aiding the enemy that we were fighting. The protesters that they led were burn-ing American flags and carrying pictures of Ho Chi Minh and com-munist flags. The next year, propa-ganda posters could be found all over Vietnam's jungles of Fonda wearing an enemy uniform, man-ning an anti-aircraft weapon in Ha-noi and of Kerry leading a demon-stration in Washington and at Val-ley Forge. What kind of leader poli-tics to go home early with three scratches leaving his men behind and joins Hanoi Jane?

In 1971, Kerry published a book that was pro-Hanoi and whose cover, with the American flag being raised upside down by seven hip-pies, mocked the flag raising at Iwo Jima. His book and speeches trashed an entire generation of the United States Armed Forces who fought in Vietnam. Most despicable of all, Kerry met with and gave hope to a communist delegation from Hanoi.

These activities by John Kerry and Jane Fonda used to be called treason. The blood of thousands of America's finest is on their hands. The North Vietnamese were encour-aged to continue a war that they couldn't win on the battlefield, but on our home front. A war that was fought according to President Reagan for a noble cause to stop communism and to save South Vietnam was defamed, smeared and ultimately lost. Lost by the Kerry-types, left-wing liberal politicians, most of the media and hordes of college protesters and draft dodgers. The draft dodgers were later given legitimacy and called real heroes by Jimmy Carter.

Now, it breaks my heart to see the same thing starting to happen to our troops in Iraq. The attack against them is being led by many in the media, John Kerry, Ted Ken-nedy, tom Daschle, Max Cleland, Wesley Clark, the sewer that most of Hollywood has become with its Michael Moore-types, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter and others who have politicized our national security. These extreme liberals are greatly damaging the war against terrorism. They would also have us get per-mission from a corrupt and pre-dominantly anti-American U.N. before defending our country. To their type, America is always wrong.

It is a fact that real heroes don't beat their chests proclaiming their service and calling themselves he-roes. Yet, the most liberal of our one hundred senators by voting record, Hanoi John Kerry, does this daily. Did you ever hear Bob Dole, who went through far more than most, do such a thing when he was running for president?

This one page is the most im-portant thing that I have ever done. A true crisis of choice and direction is facing our great country.

Who do you think our enemies want as the next U.S. President?


Robert Powell

Ret. Col. U.S. Army Infantry

Carrollton, Georgia

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