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Kerry's Support of Stem Cell Research Offers Hope to Ill

Dear Editor:

Candidate John Kerry appeals to a very special constituency. It begins with 100 million people in the U.S. who have a chronic illness; diabetes, Crohn's, stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, paralysis, ALS and over four hundred neurological diseases. There are cancer patients in denial; cancer patients who refrain from sharing the fact they have this dreadful disease with their relatives and friends. There are thousands and thousands of chronic pain patients for which there is no effective treatment who proudly refuse to let you see them sweat.

The average, healthy person is totally unaware of the plight of these people; out of sight, out of mind. Many of these people drop out of society, lose friends and silently disappear from view. They have a poor quality of life, suffer immeasurably and are in tremendous despair physically, mentally and emotionally. Kerry offers hope to this forgotten, silent group of people who are too weak, too anguished and too proud to make themselves heard. For them, John Kerry promises Therapeutic Stem Cell Research (SCNT), which gives them hope for a cure.

Hope is on the way.


Harold D. Adams

West Bloomfield

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