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Kudos to Elk Lake Board on Its Budget


As president of the Elk Lake Support Staff, I would like to express that we are pleased with the opinion of the Elk Lake School Board members. At the March 17th board meeting, the board implied that they will be able to deal with the cuts in the education funding area of the proposed state budget.

As many other districts have announced reduction of staff and requests for salary freeze of school employees, the Elk Lake School Board felt that they would not be forced to do either.

We believe the Elk Lake School Board has handled their financial affairs in a prudent manner. Plans to continue moving forward with the CTC expansion also show that the school district's financial situation is good. Due to this fact and the additional income from gas royalties, we feel the district should weather this issue with little affect to the students and employees.


Sue Heed, President

Elk Lake Educational Support Personnel Association

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