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Lack of Respect For Old Glory

Dear Editor:

I would like to express the hurt and probably the anger I feel every time the American Flag is being viewed by the public, which shows no respect for Old Glory as it passes by.

A few weeks ago, Ree Ann Ross had a letter in your column regarding the lack of respect shown to our flag as it passes by the viewers. I would like to pat her on the back for speaking out on this subject and being proud to show her patriotism.

Somewhere along the way, this country has forgotten how many lives have been lost to preserve this flag and this country. Our children should be taught the true meaning of this precious symbol. Heaven forbid it should be done in our schools—they might lose some federal funding.

I attended the Legion meeting on Sept. 9 where I mentioned this subject and was surprised that every member present felt the same way and would like to sign my letter.

Dale E. Dunklee

Bob Ermisch

George Anderson

Frank Kinney

Bill Zaner

Howard M. Patton

Robert Morris

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