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Let's Build a Visitors' Center

Dear Editor:

It is great to see positive development occurring in the area, from a dental center/home, new hotels, to a Rendell-backed downtown Towanda project, etc. The improved paved parking lot and gazebos overlooking French Azilum are also very impressive. There is also the water line project in Wysox along Rt. 6 continuing near the former "Schmeckenbecker" property which is being eyed by developers.

The greater Wyalusing area should not forget the proposal to build a regional visitors' center in Wyalusing Township. The visitors' center building project seems to have fallen between the cracks, which were paved over and needs to be revived. There is still a suitable Wyalusing Township site left, one of a select few remaining. Our local agencies, state officials and citizens should continue to see this project to completion.

We need to remember the "gold" shovel groundbreaking at the Wyalusing Rocks and former Governor Ed Rendell's visit to the Marie Antoinette Lookout.

A lot of visitors, some whom have talked to me from out of state, are interested in the natural gas exploration occurring here. This exploration could be incorporated into a master tourism plan, which could be part of an exhibit at a regional visitors' center building. With millions of dollars pouring in from the gas industry boom, it seems like some funding could be set aside to finish the job of building a visitors' center. I am only one person who is looking forward to working together to finish what the area started. Please feel free to call me with any positive input.


French Azilum Descendant

Chuck Howard

Burlington Township

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