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Local Activist Endorses Lowery


Dear Editor:

This morning I had the opportunity to give a personal tour of parts of Terry and Wilmot townships to Sharon Lowery, Bradford county commissioner candidate. I have been asking questions of different candidates over the past few months and observing actions/words of incumbents. I probably don’t have to go into details about incumbents at this point, as you may agree on the lopsided rhetoric being spoken and the real issues of public safety are so ignored.

First, I want to thank Sharon for accepting my invitation and taking the time and interest to come out and see first hand the issues I believed important for her to see.

I am not a political person by any stretch of the imagination, as I have very little faith in government on all levels. I will tell you, I intend to register to vote for the first time in my life, as a Republican on April 18, which was the deadline for registering. This says a lot of my impression with Sharon. We toured different areas in Terry and Wilmot Townships,  and she got to see some of the ill effects of the natural gas exploration, which she seemed to take to heart. By her own admission, the tour was very enlightening, and it was good for her to see the issues firsthand.

I didn’t know for sure if my tour with her was going to produce the response I seemed to get, even though I had thought she already had one up on the other candidates just from hearing that she believed as a commissioner she would have to be neutral and balanced as a commissioner and not be an industry spokesperson as an elected official. She spoke of witnessing the same rhetoric most of you are aware of, as I am, with the status quo. I believe she is honest and has a well-rounded background to serve us all well and will not ignore the people who have been wrongfully affected and whose lives have been turned upside down from all the ill aspects of natural gas exploration.

I wouldn’t say that she will not be listening to those who believe gas exploration is a great thing for our county, which is fair, but at least I believe the scales will be properly weighted where a particular need is: “public.”  She seemed to behold the beauty of this county sincerely.

On behalf of my neighbors, I thank you Sharon for taking the time and showing the interest in the collateral damage of my neighborhood and hope you get to see all across the county what needs to be seen.

I endorse Sharon Lowery for Bradford County Commissioner.

Joe Shervinski

Terry Township


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