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Looking at Union Issue in Wisconsin

Dear Editor:

I am writing in regard to the labor unrest in the state of Wisconsin. Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin seems to be blaming the unions for the reason that states cannot balance their budgets. In my opinion, Gov. Walker simply has a union busting agenda.

Can Gov. Walker's thinking put Americans back to the way things were many years ago? That would be long working hours, poor wages and little time off. These are the injustices unions fought for. Unions fought to eliminate long workdays and have ample time off with fair pay and benefits. Even if people do not belong to a union, they can thank a union for having two days a week off as well as health benefits. Doesn't Gov. Walker realize that at one time children used to work in coal mines? Is this the direction he wants to lead us back in to?

The sad thing is that Gov. Walker has a great deal of support for his agenda. Who on earth would support this agenda? Does the so-called "Tea Party" support this agenda?

Quite frankly, I don't even know who or what the Tea Party is. Is it a group of radical Republicans? Maybe radical Democrats. Or is it just a group of people who want to get together to enjoy a cup of tea with each other? Gov. Rendell did not allow such a thing as this to happen. What Rendell did was simply downsize state employment. When he left office, there were thousands less state employees. He never compromised the rights of union workers to bargain. Granted, unions may need to make concessions such as contributing more to their health care plan. But they should always (and every worker I might add) have the right to collectively bargain.

Perhaps Gov. Walker should take a page out of Gov. Rendell's playbook. Simply downsize. I do not believe that the federal, state or local government should be strictly viewed as an employment agency. Granted, all three bodies offer services to the public but they should not be considered primarily as an employer. And over the years, how many state, federal and especially county jobs have been created to employ someone's relative? The answer to that question is many. Now, many years later, this is coming back to bite taxpayers where it hurts.

In conclusion, I find it hard to comprehend how a person like Gov. Walker with such radical thinking can become the head of a state. What's next on Gov. Walker's agenda, eliminating democracy?

I would also like to congratulate Mr. Skillings for a job well done at the Rocket-Courier. Whether he agreed with an opinion or not, it had the opportunity to be published. That is objective journalism at its best.

Robert Smith


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