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Lowery Supporter Fights Back

Dear Editor: I write this letter in reply to Bobbi Ott’s (of Wyalusing) letter slamming Commissioner Candidate Lowery for things of nonsense. I am an employee of Lowery’s and have great respect for her conservative values. Years ago when I was put on disability and only able to work part-time, Lowery hired me when no one else would. First of all, it is my understanding that all the candidates wrote their own announcements. Lowery believes strongly that, as a Christian, she should never have to tell anyone she is because her actions should speak for her (as should her being a conservative Republican). People who need to go around constantly proclaiming who they are can often times be questionable. In checking the “public records,” I have the facts that Lowery registered in 1999 as an Independent and in 2007 changed to a Republican (years before announcing her candidacy). Second, she is a noble woman who always encourages her employees to excel, cross training them in many positions. By training others for her many hats, shows that she is a very strategic leader and shows forth mitigation skills. Thirdly, her impressive lengthy resume that shows her many addresses, which you claim as “inconsistencies”, is due to the fact that she is married to a military veteran, who was busy moving around and serving his country with his wife by his side should she lose votes for this? And lastly, as for who put her up to it? She is indeed a woman of prayer, and, when she is led to do something, she sets her heart and soul into giving it her all. If elected, Sharon Lowery will indeed serve her county the same way as her lengthy resume proves her passion for safety, people, leadership and planning. It is very difficult to be a boss over many people and have them all support you fully and respect you and this commissioner candidate has accomplished that and much more. This letter is not to defend her as her consistent actions defend herself, it is simply to encourage the people to get the facts. Linda Rogers Athens

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