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Manner of Discipline Addressed



Let me start my letter by stating that my son is far from an angel, as he has had multiple confrontations throughout his school days and has a need of having the last word in any argument. With that being said, I’m not one of those parents who blames everything my child does on everybody else. But at no time do the adults who are in the position of authority have the right to swear, harass or belittle a child.

I will be enrolling my child into Cyber school because of the issues that have been going on in the local high school, and I thought our local taxpayers should be aware of just a few of them. Some of those issues consist of telling my child two years ago that he was worthless, which was brought out in our first one-hour counseling session two years later. (That particular faculty member knows who he is). I guess my only question would be, “Did you think calling him ‘worthless’ was going to get him to play football?”

Now that my son is going through multiple stress-related problems, which is why we went to counseling, the great faculty has the nerve to swear at my child and tell him that he would be doing everyone a favor if he would just drop out. At no time was there an apology to my child or to us as his parents. You disgust me so much that I cannot say anything about your actions without bringing myself to your level and using the flowery words that you thought appropriate to use on my 16-year-old. To top it all off, the great support staff for the local school informed my son that he will not make it in the real world with a diploma from Cyber and then continued to tell him that his brother, who has a diploma from Cyber, is not a functioning adult because he does not own a home at the age of 19. Seriously? Did they not expect him to defend his brother or what he considers his only option at this point to get a diploma?

One of the support staff members with authority to “punish” students for things that they have done wrong took it upon himself to tell my child and a friend of his that they were to move hurdles during their lunch period. Of course my child and his friend told him, “No, not during our lunch.”

The punishment to follow this was five days’ lunch detention and, at that time, this so-called staff member turned to my son and said, “See, if your Mommy can get you out of this one.” Well, of course, his mommy was in there first thing the next morning and had to force this so-called staff member to personally apologize to my son and to let him know that he would not be punished for such. I threatened harassment charges at that time.

Of course now that I have been in the school so many times that I’ve lost count, they want to change what has been said and/or done to fit what would look good for the school.

I do want to thank the teachers that I spoke to during teachers’ conferences for the support you were willing to give to help us through our temporary issues.

There is power in what you say, so speak carefully.

Thank you,

Debra Bongiorno



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