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McLinko Fan Weighs In

Dear Editor: Often times, when politicians are in office for a few terms, they fall in love with the power of the government. They seek to be re-elected for re-election’s sake. They wish to expand their power and the power of the office that they hold. Such is not the case with Bradford County Commissioner Doug McLinko. Throughout his term in office, Doug McLinko has fought to roll back the power of the government and stand up for the rights of private citizens. While other politicians worship at the altar of government spending, Doug McLinko has viewed all tax money as our money, not the government's. Importantly, Doug has gotten to know and work closely with: Governor Corbett; the new PA Secretary of Revenue, Dan Meuser; the new PA Secretary of DEP, Michael Krancer; the representatives and senators in Harrisburg; and Congressman Marino connections, which will make sure that Bradford County is remembered and respected in Harrisburg and Washington. I urge Doug McLinko’s re-election as Bradford County Commissioner. Finally, after listening to the other candidates’ positions on issues, I have decided to cast my second vote for commissioner for Daryl Miller and I ask others to do so as well. Although he and I were opponents four years ago in a Republican primary for the office of county commissioner, I believe he has thoroughly educated himself on the issues facing the county and I believe he will be a common-sense conservative voice in the county government. Chad M. Salsman Wyalusing

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