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Dear Editor:

It is time for PennDOT to do the right thing. Lower the speed limit on 706 and on 409.

On Oct. 14th of 2009 a petition was denied by PennDOT to lower the speed limit on one mile of 409, between intersections of Rt. 6 and Beacon Hill Rd.
One hundred percent of the people in that mile signed the petition.

A one-time radar check was done. The posted limit is 45 mph. PennDOT says an 85 percentile speed recorded was 53 mph. This is the speed limit at which 85 percent of motorists are driving at or below. Since the limit is eight miles per hour lower than the 53 mph—85 percentile speed—our petition was denied.

I would like to share with you the explanation given in the denial letter. I quote:  “Lowering the speed limit below the 85-percentile speed has the potential of increasing crashes. A few motorists would abide by the lower speed limit and the motorists who currently violate the speed limit are not likely to change their driving habits. These differences in speed would contribute to an increase of rear-end type crashes on the mainline and angle crashes at intersections.”

Am I correct in concluding speeders win and taxpayers lose?

Marie Hoerner

Cape Coral, Fl.

(Editor’s note: Marie owns property in the area and has a son and a daughter—both adults—who live along Route 409. She explained that her concerns are extended to all of the children who live along these busy roads).

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