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NTRPDC Responds to Campaign Rhetoric


To the Editor:

We would like to offer the following in response to an article written by D.C. Koviak covering the Wyoming County Commissioner’s debate a few weeks ago, specifically (to) the statement made by Ron Williams.

(In the original article, dated May 12, Koviack wrote) Williams seemed to take off from (Stark) Bartron’s idea, noting that, in his opinion, the county has not received much in return for the money it pays Northern Tier (Regional Planning and Development Commission – NTRPDC) every year for its membership. “We should dissolve that relationship and give the money to the Chamber,” Williams was quoted as saying. “Northern Tier doesn’t do anything for us.”

(In response, NTRPDC offered the following):

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help…” an old cliché but for organizations like NTRPDC, it is our mission. With a majority of our funding coming from the federal, state, and local government, we are a regional resource for businesses and communities for economic and workforce development.?

In a direct response to a question raised during the Wyoming County Commissioners candidate debate, the Northern Tier Regional Planning and Development Commission would like to offer the following information regarding the services we provide to businesses and communities in Wyoming County.?

As the Workforce Investment Act Service Delivery Area, NTRPDC provides support through training and services to eligible dislocated adult workers and youth with barriers as well as through administration of the Commonwealth’s public Welfare to Work programs. Over the past two years, these programs combined together resulted in $1,044,221 of investment in the county. ?

We are also the designated Pennsylvania Local Development District and Economic Development District for the five county region, we are able to access funding for federal grants and state funds that provide support to businesses and communities in the region. In the past two years this resulted in an investment of $332,384.

As the PennDOT designated Rural Planning Organization, we work with our state and federal partners and our Rural Transportation Advisory Committee to plan and guide transportation improvement projects in the region. In the past two years, the process resulted in $23,243,267 in improvement projects in Wyoming County.

As a certified lender with the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development we have access to funding to help start up businesses and the expansion of existing businesses. Business loans totaling $450,000 were closed in Wyoming County, which helped to create 21 jobs and retain 135. It also helped to leverage $1,136,034 of private investment in the county.? We could not do any of this without the support and guidance of our local economic development partners in the county.

We rely on the County Commissioners, the county economic development organizations such as the Wyoming County Chamber, municipal officials, workforce development providers, and many others to make this happen. Our role is as the regional provider and we hope that our partners see us as an extension of their staff, as a way to provide additional capacity and resources to enhance the programs and projects that are most important to their communities.

If you would like more information, please visit our website at www.northerntier.org or call us toll free at 888-868-8800.

Kevin Abrams

Executive Director



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