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Office Worker Defends Vaughn


Dear Editor:

I am an employee of the Prothonotary’s office. I have worked for Sally Vaughn for a little shy of seven years. There are a few misconceptions mentioned recently from someone that I worked with in that office that needs to be addressed.

The statement about Sally asking the deputies about things related to the office. I feel a sign of a good leader is to put trust and confidence in those she has chosen to be her second in command and is willing to allow all to benefit from their experience.

Financials were mentioned: We do a daily accounting of the funds received and balance those funds at the end of each month. I have seen Sally search for as little as .25 that was inadvertently added to the wrong account when fees were paid at the counter and work tirelessly to fix the problem. Her concern is and always has been that the county is getting all it deserves from everyone in that department. This brings me to yet another misconception.

Sally has reassigned some within the office rather than request their dismissal because she realizes that different personalities may be better suited for some things than others. For example: it is improper to answer the question “is my divorce final” with “yes, but not in the eyes of God.” Nor is it proper to yell in a loud angry tone to a couple that accidentally walked behind the counter. It is also improper to discuss intimate details of one’s personal life within hearing distance of the public, or coworkers for that matter. It is also more professional to give notice when leaving a job, and not just get up, do a “happy dance” and walk out because a job you applied for called. You may not have liked your boss, but the workers in that office that you called friends were the ones that suffered by your actions, not Sally.

When I started working in the Prothonotary’s office, some desks were piled to the max and others had very little. Sally and most of the staff worked hard to balance the work-load. Those who didn’t like their new work assignments resigned. There have been many improvements in the time I’ve worked in that office. We have a good staff that works together to get the job done as best as we can. So yes, there have been some that left the office. Some for more money, some for personal reasons, some that didn’t like the reassignments of the work load and of course, there are those that have left because they were unable to follow proper procedures and office decorum. Some have even returned after leaving.

Recently, I had a conversation with someone who seemed to think that the prothonotary’s office was in “turmoil.” Let me assure you, it is not.

Does Sally expect a lot from her staff? Absolutely. She feels that although we are all worth more than our grade level pays, Bradford County residents are paying us and deserve our best. I happen to agree with that concept.

I love my job and will do it to the best of my ability no matter what the outcome of the election. It is my hope that the voting public in Bradford County would rather hear what a person has done, can do and will do for them rather than listen to the ranting of someone with an axe to grind. Rumors, personal vendettas, angry former employees, even extremely happy employees (such as me) may not be the best source for information. I will gladly admit that my opinion is somewhat biased. Sally has treated me with the same respect that I have afforded her. Don’t rely on the opinion of anyone that may have less than honorable intentions. Please, make an informed decision.

Thank you,

Karen Schulze


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