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Organization Lauded for Bridging Gaps


Dear Editor:

This is to bring overdue tribute to a group of unsung heroes serving our community. In Sayre, PA there is a little known, not-for-profit organization known as “The Bridge.” Their chosen community service mission is to supply donated furniture to those in the valley area who are in need.

I have been privileged to work with them one day and I justifiably tell you that I have never met a more dedicated group of volunteers. They go to extremes to furnish whatever is needed to help those needing a helping hand. I have watched and helped these men lug heavy sofa beds up steep, poorly constructed wooden staircases. I have observed them do this job without any kind of expectation of a gratuity or reward. In some cases where delivery was made, the carpets were thread-bare, and the useful living amenities were sorely lacking; most didn’t have carpet at all, just worn-out linoleum floors. I helped these men remove and replace doors just to get the furniture inside the home; such is the level of their dedication.

In times such as these where every nickel counts to most of us, those who have few nickels to spend find The Bridge an economical way to support the basic requirements of families in need. The Bridge is the court of last resort serving about 39 different churches in the valley area. They are the service arm and support system used by these different denominational churches to help those in their flock that live at or below the poverty level.

If you know of a person or family in the valley area in need of the things that make a home, feel free to contact The Bridge at 570-888-8826.

Also, they will pick up your used but serviceable furniture for donation and placement, call the same number.

Financial donations would be greatly appreciated as well. I cannot let this go without mentioning the volunteers, who make this a successful program: Charlie Hammond, Charlie Brown, John Simons, George Crowell, Bob Thurston and Jeff Northrope. These giving men are unlike any I have ever met; we all should salute them for a job well done.

Joe Doherty

Ridgebury Township

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