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Ovarian Cancer Requires Early Detection


September is ovarian cancer awareness month.

I am taking this opportunity to reiterate the importance of making sure your doctor does a trans-vaginal ultrasound when you have your yearly exam.

A pap smear will not detect ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is considered deadly because the disease progresses very rapidly with virtually no warning signs. Some very subtle signs are back pain, tiredness, indigestion and gas.

There is a blood test that is FDS approved to determine the level of antibodies in your system fighting cancer cells. When the antibody level rises, it is a very early (up to 19 months) indicator that cancer is forming.

The test is called the AMAS test and detects all kinds of cancer, not just ovarian cancer.

The current ovarian cancer test, the CA 125, is not reliable for diagnosis, but may be helpful in monitoring your progress after treatment.

Patricia Robinson


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