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Patriots Weigh In


Dear Editor:

This is in regard to Mr. Morrow’s letter. First of all, I’d like to thank him and so many others who have sacrificed so much for serving our country.

I just wanted him to know that I will be one of the first people standing proudly with my right hand over my heart as they pass by. You see, I am the proud daughter of a 20 year Air Force vet. Sadly, my father has passed, but he marched in many parades holding the American flag, just as Mr. Morrow will on Aug. 10. I remember being a young girl and seeing him and his comrades marching toward us. I would get goose bumps as I still do as you fellas march by.

He marched all the way into his 70s; maybe a little slower than his younger days, but just as proud as ever. Just wanted you to know there are still people who are truly thankful for your service.

Mrs. Ethel Walter

Sugar Run

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