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Pipeline Needlessly Imperils Children


Dear Editor:

Your article, “Volume of Work at Prothonotary Office Continues to Rise” (Nov. 22), correctly points out one important impact of the gas industry on Bradford County, but it merely scratches the surface. To name a far scarier impact, I have recently learned that the same company that is condemning so many properties also plans to build the MARC 1 pipeline within about 1,000 feet of the Wyalusing Valley Elementary School.

Now, while “about 1,000 feet” correctly describes the pipeline’s distance from the actual school building, it conceals the far more important fact that the pipeline lies much closer to the outdoor fields where the elementary school children play almost daily.

As a resident of Wyoming County, neither I nor my family will be directly affected by this pipeline, but knowing several residents of the Wyalusing area, I write out of deep concern for their plight. But, indirectly, we are all affected by the bad precedent set by this ill-considered,woefully inadequate pipeline setback.

As a father, I would be screaming bloody murder if my daughter were forced by hasty, irresponsible adult decisions to play in harm’s way of a potentially deadly pipeline explosion.

Pipeline accidents may be rare, but the school and its outdoor playing fields are directly in the path of a fatal fire if there is a rupture and ignition. Even the gas industry, with its substantial PR problem, should be up in arms over this setback, which strongly suggests to the public that gas drillers are willing to play Russian roulette with the lives of school children, merely for the sake of their convenience and profit.

Concerned Wyalusing area parents and citizens should complain—ASAP—to Central NY Oil & Gas, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or to their school board.


Patrick Walker




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