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Pleasantly Surprised By Medical Procedure


I usually like to keep my personal business to myself, or at least within my family. But a recent experience has me wanting to share, for the benefit of a friend and others who might need this same service. I was admitted to the hospital last week, found to have a disturbing EKG and my doctor ordered heart catheterization to determine if there were any blockages or abnormalities. (I would mention the doctors involved, but didn't get their permission). Anyway, any who know me, know I have a morbid fear of medical procedures.

As it turned out during this procedure, I found my fears turning from extreme fear to that of curiosity and interest. There was no pain or fear associated with the exam whatsoever, once the doctors began the exam. I would ask, my friend and other neighbors, if you think you might have a problem associated with your heart, please disclose it to your doctor.

On another side issue, I am somewhat puzzled as to why motorists are kind to pedestrians in Towanda and not in other communities? One has only to stand at the curbside in Towanda, and in a moment or two a motorist will stop to allow the pedestrian to cross the street. Whether this is due to police activity or maybe something in the water. It would be nice to see that type of courtesy spread to Wyalusing and Tunkhannock, both Route 6 communities.

Marty Meehan,


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