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Praise for Personal Care

Dear Editor: I would like to say a few words in praise and appreciation of Smith’s Personal Care Home in Wyalusing. Having to find affordable, reliable and esthetically suitable accommodations for both my mother and an old family friend within the past seven months, I have become quite an expert on care facilities, from Bradford through Lackawanna County. My friend, who was in need of placement, is 101-1/2 years old at this point. I had placed him post-hospital stay into a “nursing” facility, where they promptly took away his wheel walker, placed him permanently in a wheelchair, which he fell out of within 24 hours and was badly bruised and then tried to heavily medicate him. At which point I removed him from Tunkhannock to Wyalusing, when I discovered Smith’s Personal Care Home. Since every facility has varying criteria for accepting residents, I worried that my friend’s level of care needs might be inappropriate. At Smith’s, Dolores, the owner, assessed John, then gave John back his walker and therefore, his legs and therefore, his independence and his dignity. Thank you Delores for your common sense approach and good judgment. Smith’s has residents aging from 20 to 85 years old, so, it is a mixed community and strangely enough, John was appreciative that he was not surrounded by “a bunch of old fogies,” although he was the oldest of them all. He enjoyed the community atmosphere very much. On the day that John moved in, many of the residents came out to help us unload the car and to situate John in his room. One resident brought John a hand-knitted afghan and gave him a stuffed butterfly to put on his closet door so that it would help him to remember which was his. There was a warm and welcoming atmosphere at Smith’s right from the beginning. The building itself is two wonderful old Victorian homes joined together by the dining area. The interior is kept wonderfully clean and most importantly, odor free. I cannot say how much I appreciated the living areas, especially for the prices, which are modest and affordable. The architecture of the buildings is wonderful, the kitchen is homey and full of authentic wooden period cabinets. Just delightful. But what I appreciate even more is the wonderful staff, who went above and beyond to assist my dear friend with his daily needs. I dare say John received better care, better food and more attention than he got at the private nursing facility. And they also allowed him to keep to his own schedule, which was to sleep in late, something forbidden in other venues. Unfortunately, after five months, John developed issues that left him hospital-bound once again and in need of a more-advanced level of care. However, he and I will be forever grateful for all the wonderful additional months of independence, friendship and caring shown by all at Smith’s. I sing their praises at every opportunity and suggest that you give them your consideration should you find yourself searching for the right thing to do for your loved one. I’m sure you won’t be sorry. Thanks again to Pat, Dolores and all the staff at Smith’s and God bless. Sincerely Linda Mangiola

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