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Questioning Outcome of Public Assistance


Dear Editor:

I know more than a few people who are on medicare or welfare, but are able to work, but cannot afford medical insurance. I am aware that many are not able to work at all because of the extreme consequence of their disability. This letter is not in any way written to belittle or disinfranchise those in need. This letter is point blank targeted at the system.

The system gives medical insurance to those disabled. Food stamps if requested, help with transportation if required. The system will do other things such as rental assistance, fuel and child support. The system even supports college subsidies so the people that can work and want to better themselves can do so.

All fine and good, but I take umbridge to one little detail that always befuddles me. Why do you spend thousands of dollars sending these people to colleges—raising their hopes of becoming independent of your generosity when above all absurdity you knock them down again? You beat them into reality because you put a stupid unreal limit on how much they can earn. What then is the ultimate cure for this welfare merry go round, which perpetuates rather than alleviates this morbid distress on those it its care?

I give you simple solutions and it will save the establishment much money in the process. If welfare did not have to pay for anything more than the health insurance for those who can, wish to and are able to work, think how much money it could save.

I know people who did go through these college courses while on medical disability, got good jobs and right away were cut down for making over the limit. After these people went through this scenario for a couple of years they finally said stick it. So who is wasting your money? Is it the person trying to better himself or the system that wants to keep their jobs? I say raise the limit on how much the disabled can make up it three times more or better and pay their medical insurance. Even normal and well people can’t afford it.

Vincent Calaman



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