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Questions About School Bus Routes


Dear Editor:

Last year prior to school termination, this writer was informed that when opening the new school in Wyalusing the school bus would be using Bowling Alley Road from the Turkey Path to Route 6 and then to the school.

Being concerned about the safety of the bus and the kids due to the lack of guide rails on the road and the steep banks close to the edge of the road, I contacted the township supervisor to inquire if they intended to replace the guide rails before the start of the new school year. I was informed that it would be too costly to replace them and there was no schedule to do so. I then contacted the school superintendent and ask that since he was the responsible person for school safety, that he inspect the road to determine if it was safe for a school bus to use this road.

Since main roads that are again as wide and with fewer steep banks have guide rails, it would seem reasonable that this would be a high priority for both the township and the school board. However, it seems that child safety is not on their list of things to take care. For parents with children riding Bus #9, take a ride up Bowling Alley Road and determine for yourselves if your child should be on that bus.

Tom Dunn




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