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Reader Supports Obama’s Birthright


Dear Editor:

What can be more puzzling than the “birther” issue? Do real birthers exist, or are they the product of journalistic license, an interesting story intended for entertainment only? Is Donald Trump real?

Imagine that it is 1961 and the sixties haven’t happened yet. You are an 18-year-old Kansas-born white girl attending the University of Hawaii. You become pregnant with the child of a fellow student, an African, and you marry him.

You drop out of college after the fall semester because of your pregnancy. Your husband continues with his studies until June 1962, when he graduates.

In mid-1961 you, 18 years old and heavily pregnant, leave the United States, your husband, your dad and mom, and zip off to Kenya in order to give birth alone to your first child on August 4 in an African hospital on African soil. After all, isn’t that what most pregnant American girls of any color would choose to do, then or now?

Your physical location in the final moments of parturition is not pertinent to the citizenship of your child, because you yourself are a citizen of the United States, and you have lived within those States for far more than the requisite five years. Your son is an American at the moment of his birth, whether that occurs in Hawaii or Kenya or on the Island of Doctor Moreau.

So-called birthers should be honest enough—with themselves and with us—to own up: their issue has never been Obama’s citizenship or place of birth. Their issue is his legitimacy in their eyes. He has to prove his credentials, present his papers to them, so to speak.

Now Obama has released his birth certificate, but that won’t be enough. Donald Trump and Sean Hannity and their like are saying, “Why did he take so long?” The rest of us say, “What made you think he should?”


They will never accept Barack Obama for what he is, a smart and savvy politician, as much or more so than Clinton or Reagan. They will now fixate on whether his birth certificate is a fake, or whether his college record would show him to have been too incompetent a student to have, sans affirmative action, been accepted at Harvard.

Nothing will satisfy them because the issue, for birthers and their apologists, will forever be the dark skin on this man who, despite it, has dared to seek and win the highest office in our land.


Esther L. Clarke



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