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Reader Unimpressed By Lowery

Dear Editor:

I’ve been around a long  time and have seen politicians come and go. Some were good candidates, while others were merely a distraction. Most offices are open to any candidate, qualified or not. It’s the duty of voters to sort them out.

Sharon Lowery is a newcomer to the political scene and after switching parties, she now is running for county commissioner.

In her announcement, she places considerable weight on the various groups she is or was connected with. Back in the day when there weren’t all that many organizations, that meant something. Today, countless groups litter the landscape, all with lofty titles but devoid of substance, and many feed on taxpayer-funded grants.

Of one group she offers this: “Often times during disasters I end up in the Emergency Operations Center as a government liaison working side by side with elected officials who are new to the reality of disaster.”

I wonder if she could provide us with a list of those disasters, which occurred in the past 10 years since she has moved to PA, and what she offered in the way of support? I’m all  ears.

She says she is opposed to federal funding of programs because it leads to unwarranted intrusion into local affairs. Then she flip flops and proudly asserts she will hire a full-time grants writer if elected, in order to bring in federal government monies for the county and municipalities. I’m not kidding.

Then we have Sharon Lowery, the campaign wisenheimer. Rather than do the serious hard work involved in running for office, she goes to a county commissioners’ meeting, asks a world class dumb question, then bickers with a commissioner when he can’t answer quickly a question that makes no sense. She succeeded in getting her name in the newspaper and that’s all she wanted.

As I said in the beginning, some candidates are good while others are merely a distraction.

David Brubaker

North Towanda


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