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Reader Urges Vote for McLinko


Dear Editor:

County commissioners work together as a board to effectively govern. Commissioners might disagree, but engage in respectful debate rather than petty name calling. Sharon Lowery’s lack of leadership ability was evident as she scurrilously attacked Commissioner McLinko during the public comment period at the April 7, 2011 commissioners’ meeting. Her petulant display of distemperment clearly indicates Lowery is unfit to serve as county commissioner.

Lowery also  exhibited a troubling ignorance of county government when she questioned Commissioner McLinko on state corporate tax receipts. Bradford County does not collect corporate income taxes. Perhaps Lowery’s support of a severance tax can be explained by her lack of knowledge on the subject of taxation and revenue collection. Like the state corporate income tax, a severance tax would flow directly into the state’s general fund and any appropriations to Bradford County would be at the sole discretion of Harrisburg power brokers.

Bradford County is experiencing tremendous changes and needs competent leadership. Doug McLinko is an effective communicator who has a record of speaking out against a job killing severance tax.

McLinko has fought to control growth in county government. He opposed costly jail and library expansions, led the effort to end county-run day care by facilitating its successful transition to the private sector and developed a fair plan for Clean and Green roll-back payments that is being adopted statewide.

I witnessed Doug McLinko fight for Bradford County taxpayers at commissioners’ meetings when each of these issues was debated. Lowery’s attendance at these meetings was sparse at best and I never heard her speak up for the taxpayers of Bradford County. Ms. Lowery’s grandstanding occurred only when she saw an  opportunity to take a cheap political shot at Commissioner McLinko.

Doug McLinko is an active and engaged county commissioner with a proven record of fighting for taxpayers. He has my support on Election Day.

Mary Snyder



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