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Republicans Smearing Kerry with Distortions?

Dear Editor:

The hypocrisy and dishonor of the Republican campaign effort hit new lows with their and President Bush's failure to criticize Swift Boat for truth's lies and distortions. No less authorities than the Wall Street Journal and Sen. John McCain have debunked Swift Boat for truth's accuracy and honesty. Now a book is out filled with the same lies and distortions and co-authored by a Mr. Corsi who has written anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish tracts for far right organizations. These are the very same Republican smear tactics used again Sen. Max Cleland and Sen. John McCain.

The indisputable facts are these: none of these men served on Kerry's boat; some of them never even met him in Vietnam or afterward; John Kerry's military awards and citations are backed and blessed by the U.S. Navy—to question them is to question the U.S. Navy and all awards to all veterans in this and any other war. Wartime veterans know awards for heroism are not given lightly.

Sadly, the Republican Party and this Administration dishonor our military and veterans, while ignoring the very real issues of the economy, the war on terror and the state of our international relations. I am voting for John Kerry in this election.

Hal Donahue, Lt. Col., USAF, Retired


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