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Salon Owner Grateful


Dear Editor:

Now that the floodwaters receded and I have time to think, all I can say is “Wow, what a community.”

Because of you, our hearts were full and not broken that first day when we saw the damage to Genesis Salon. We were surrounded by so many people, so  many kids. We can be so proud of our kids here in Wyalusing.

Everyone just jumped in and did whatever it took to clean up the mess. My husband, who couldn’t be there the first five days because he was restoring power to peoples’ homes, was especially grateful that I was not going through this alone. He said, “How do you thank so many people?”

One of our youngest helpers, Cody Nowland, three minutes after we went inside the salon for the first time on Saturday morning, offered to sell Boy Scout cookies and donate the proceeds to us so we could buy more equipment. His words were a treasure to me. I knew then that we were going to be okay and that, no matter what, we were going to have faith like Cody’s and rebuild.

Thank you to all the people from our neighboring community and from the many salons who offered us chairs to work in. We’re very grateful.

The girls and I at Genesis Salon want all our clients to know we will be up and running sooner that we originally expected thanks to more hard workers (Frank and Larry). Hopefully early November, just in time to beautify the best clients in the world for Thanksgiving. Wouldn’t that be a thing to be thankful for.

And I just want to say thank you to my girls, the true Dream Team, for being with me through the good times, but even more so, through the really bad.

You are irreplaceable.

With a full heart,

Peg Tyler


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