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Shameless Hit-and-Run


Dear Editor:

As the mother of two daughters and as a wife, I have gone through the many anxious moments of them being on the road. I have worried about them getting to their jobs and home or just going to visit friends and keeping appointments. My one daughter and son-in-law were life-flighted from an accident, which wasn’t their fault—one in which charges were never filed.

Wednesday evening, Aug. 31, my granddaughter was going home from work in Wyalusing when a stupid jerk (and I am being polite) in a light green F250 ran a stop sign on Spring Hill. She had nowhere to go and went into a ditch and hit a pole. He didn’t even have the decency to stop to help her. Fortunately, a Spring Hill resident was following her and saw what had happened. He stopped and offered assistance and stayed until the state police came.

Two gas workers also stopped to offer assistance and stayed with her. Because the car was drivable, even though there was damage done, it was a non-reportable accident. The car belonged to her grandmother, who now has to rent a car to get to work. My granddaughter is also suffering from spasms in her back from this ordeal.

I think the person who caused this should be man enough to own up to it and come forward. You could have seriously injured her or someone else that could have been at that stop sign at the time you chose to run it. Enough damage was done because of your stupidity. Don’t you have a guilty conscience or do you just not care?

In closing, I would like to thank those that did help her out. There are some people in this world with clear minds because of helping her and I consider them good Samaritans.


Ree Ann Ross

Sugar Run


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