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She Advises, 'Fight The Good Fight'

Dear Editor:

It's sad to see the destruction of a peaceful lifestyle and all that goes with it. People in the area live a hard life and deserve better than to have a corporation come in and take over their very existence. How do you justify poisoning one population in order to provide (hopefully, at least) an energy source that should make life less expensive for others?

It seems that people have been working at jobs for corporations in the area that are consistently putting their product over the lives of their employees. Procter & Gamble, Sylvania, Cargill, Penelec, DuPont, just to name a few, have been doing a great job of cleaning up their act, only when charged with a violation.

The rate of cancer in the area is phenomenal, due to these companies cranking out cancer-causing emissions into the air and chemicals into the waterways and not being caught at it. There are so many illegal dumps in the area, created by large corporations out of state, it's surprising that anyone has clean drinking water. They saw the area as being their personal landfill.

I hope the residents speak up (keeping in mind the saying "you can't take it with you") and monitor everything that goes on in the entire area for the good of all concerned. I once had a Penelec representative sit in my kitchen and tell me that he put his hands into gallon drums of PCB's and he was still okay. I guess that was supposed to alleviate my concerns about the PCB containers that were up and down the highways and over the school playground. It didn't, and I wonder to this day what happened to that man and if he indeed was okay. I have my doubts.

Fight the good fight residents. Your personal safety should be first and foremost over the greed of the gas company.


Sue Hanley

Edgewater, FL

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